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Together with our partners, we bring people together and create opportunities

We want to support companies in recognizing the potential of our candidates and winning them over as valuable employees. To achieve this, we work closely with social economy organisations, who also support forced migrants with training and skill building where needed.

Our initiative is led by Caroline von Falkenhausen and Kseniya Milner – who themselves come from other countries and know from their own experience that integration into a new culture is associated with many challenges. We want to do our part to help overcome these obstacles.

The EzA team’s great desire is to create a model for inclusive, equitable and sustainable economic development and to establish Berlin as a livable and diverse center for talent and innovation.

Berlin Savings Bank
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Since 1879, the VBKI has been involved in a unique project: the future of Berlin!


The initiators


Verkauf Berliner Kaufleute und Industrieller e.V.

With responsible entrepreneurship, VBKI has been guided in Berlin by the principles of the social market economy for over 140 years. It offers a meeting place for business people. In addition, VBKI supports a variety of non-profit projects in the fields of education, culture, sports and integration for an even more livable-in city of tomorrow.

Einstieg zum Aufstieg - Udo Marin

Udo Marin

Udo Marin is the former long-time executive director of VBKI and passionate about our initiative. He was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for his extraordinary social commitment. He has worked diligently to establish support for the common good as an important component of corporate responsibility.

Einstieg zum Aufstieg - Gerhard Niehaus

Gerhard Niehaus

Gerhard Niehaus is an entrepreneur from Berlin. He is convinced that the solution to social challenges cannot be provided by politics and the public sector alone. Together with the VBKI and the Berliner Sparkasse, he has promoted and initiated the founding of the Einstieg zum Aufstieg gGmbH in the spirit of his civic responsibility.
Einstieg zum Aufstieg - Berliner Sparkasse

Berlin Savings Bank

For over 200 years, Berliner Sparkasse has been the financial advisor for companies and private customers in Berlin. Around two million people are customers of Berliner Sparkasse. The focus is on private and corporate clients and real estate transactions. The focus of its activities has traditionally also been for the common good.

Why does a cooperation with us make sense?

Rely on our strong network in Berlin's business community and our close cooperation with the social economy.


Communicate with us in German, English, Ukrainian & Russian and trust in our many years of experience with intercultural projects.

Participate in our many informational events, for employers and those seeking advice.

Yuliia L., Real Estate Management Intern Charité Facility Management

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Einstieg zum Aufstieg. It was no easy task to arrange this job opportunity for me at the Charité Facility Management. In this difficult time for Ukraine, your team is providing incredible support and invaluable assistance to us, Ukrainian forced migrants. It was a miracle for me to find a job in my profession in a foreign country without a good knowledge of German. Every time I go to work, I thank you for this opportunity. How much you responded with warmth, with persistence, with understanding, to get a positive answer for me from Charité Facility Management. This is clearly your merit!

Maryna S., Executive Assistant at Singe Network

I am immensely grateful to the Einstieg zum Aufstieg project for its support and careful selection of positions.

They immediately offered me an interesting job, gave me effective recommendations for writing a resume and passing an interview. The result – a job with which I am very satisfied.

Oksana R. , Interior designer at Eurocres

I would like to thank the Einstieg zum Aufstieg project for helping me find a job. I am a refugee from Ukraine and it was quite difficult for me to cope with the issue of employment in Berlin by myself.

Einstieg zum Aufstieg has approached this issue in a very professional manner. They were constantly in touch, helping me with difficult issues and giving me useful advice. These are professionals in their field and I can confidently recommend this project from VBKI!

Kahadija Shandi

The Kurdish refugee from Afrin (Syria), 34 years old, previously worked as an accountant and office clerk. She had to interrupt her studies in business administration in Latakia (Syria) after 6 semesters due to the war.

After intensive language courses up to level C1, she completed an internship at Berliner Sparkasse. Since August 2019, she is a trainee bank clerk at Berliner Sparkasse.

Mahmoud M., Assistant Site Manager for Air Conditioning/Ventilation/Sanitary at UNDKrauss

EzA helped me find a job. They were so nice and gave tips on finding a job in Berlin. EzA shared my CV with companies in Berlin. However, they kept in touch with me until I had signed my contract.

I started working in May 2023.

Ahmed A., Building services technician Building services technician

EzA helped me find a job. They were so nice and gave tips on finding a job in Berlin. EzA shared my CV with companies in Berlin. However, they kept in touch with me until I had signed my contract.

I started working in May 2023.

Gleb S., sound engineer at Wintergarten Varieté

I did not find it difficult to feel at home in Berlin. Only the search for work proved difficult. I sent out several applications.

It wasn’t until Einstieg zum Aufstieg recommended me to Wintergarten Varieté as a sound engineer that I received positive feedback. I got a permanent position within two weeks and everything is going as I wanted.


The entire MobiJob team works very closely and successfully with Einstieg zum Aufstieg (EzA).

Through the help of the EzA team, we have already been able to place many refugees in jobs and training.

MobiJob is funded by the Senate Department for Labor, Social Affairs, Equality, Integration, Diversity and Anti-Discrimination.