Program for digital product development

Start date: 1. August 2021
Application starts end of March (we will announce the exact date soon)
Duration: 10-12 months
• Courses are in English by the CODE University of Applied Sciences
• Location: Online during Covid-19, hereafter in person lectures in Berlin.

Application requirements:

• You have a forced migration or migrant background.
• You are fluent in spoken and written English.
• You have a practical or academic background in IT and want to deepen your expertise on Software Engineering, Interaction Design or Product Management.
• You are passionate about developing digital products and want to dedicate one year to study with us for at least 25hr/week.
• You are looking for a job in IT in Germany.

How does it work?

Month 1-2:
You will be introduced to general concepts and methods from the fields of software engineering, interaction design, and product management. We will assess your existing skills, learning goals and desired professional profile. You will come up with a project idea that aligns with your learning goals.

Assessment after the 2nd month:
After the second month we will assess your engagement, development, and skills. This will decide if you can proceed with the program.

Month 3-6:
If you are eligible to proceed with the program you will start working on your personal project. Learning units will continue und you will be assigned a learning buddy and a mentor.

Month 7-12:
Well done! Now you will start an internship of at least three and maximum six months in a field that aligns with your desired professional profile. You will still be meeting your fellow students and mentor in regular learning groups and get all the support and input you need.

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a participation certificate from the CODE University of Applied Science.

Are there tuition fees?

The first two months are free of charge.

From the third month onwards to continue your studies we ask you to commit to an income-based donation agreement. What does that mean? It means, that there is no upfront payment. You can focus on your studies and once you start working, we ask you for a voluntary income-based donation.

How much will that be?
We ask you to donate 5% of your annual net income for a period of five years.

What will my donations be used for?
Your donations will exclusively be used to fund next year’s IT-program. With your donation you enable future participants to take part in the program and to find a job in IT, just like you did.

How can I apply?

Please fill out the online application form here:
link will follow soon

Also, please join one of our Virtual Open House Days on Zoom.[...] we will explain the details of the program, the donation agreement, the application process and answer all your questions. The attendance is free, please join us via the following link:
link will follow soon

We will post information about the Virtual Open House Days and the program on our Facebook sites. Please follow us, and share with your friends:

Do you have any questions?

Don't hesitate to ask us!

Contact: Antonia Brouwers
+49 157 817 000 56

Download the progam flyer here